Sunday, September 30, 2012

Presidential Brew

I got to brew for the fist time in ages today.  I was going to post all about the process, and choosing to do the White House Honey Porter recipe, and how cool it is that beer is being made in the White House using honey grown on the grounds.

Then I got out my stash of beer ingredients and discovered that my various partial bags of grain had been infested by insects.  Awesome.  Strangely enough, because of poor planning I had gone to the beer store without checking my own supplies first, so I had bought new bags of everything needed for the recipe, thinking I had been foolish and wasteful.  In truth, I had accidentally saved the day, because the home brew store is closed on Sundays so without the new bags I would have been screwed.

So, disaster averted, I present the ingredients for White House Honey Porter, including local honey and 2oz of my own homegrown fuggles hops.

getting ready to brew the White House Honey Porter

It's now fermenting in the corner of my kitchen.  We'll try it in about a month.