Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wedding dress

Repeat after me, "this is not a wedding blog, this is not a wedding blog, this is not a wedding blog..." Good. Now believe it.

This is a knitting entry. No really. Several folks have asked if I'm going to make my own wedding dress. Jacqui asked if I will knit one. Well here's a lovely knitted dress option from a 1934 knitting book. It's knit at a scale of 2 of those bobbles per inch.

This dress should only be recommended for long engagements. No I will not be knitting my wedding dress. I have kept telling myself since the engagement that there's not time for me to knit ANYTHING for a May wedding and still make sure that we hire everyone and get everything and I don't even know where wedding invitations come from and today someone said "guest book" to me and I said, "what's that?" Sounds optional to me. But I digress. I've been telling myself that it would be too stressful to make anything for my own wedding. My friend and mentor Georgia has agreed to make my dress. Everything else can be purchased ready made or gone without. But then wouldn't it be nice if each table had a few bottles of my new homebrew instead of cheap wine? Yes. And what will I wear around my shoulders to keep from getting chilly? Well I have a perfectly good silk and linen shrug that I knitted a few years ago. A shrug will cover too much of the dress. I have a gorgeous fine wool hairpin lace stole with iridescent payettes. But I didn't make that. But really, either one would be lovely. But I have this beautiful 4 oz bag of cashmere I bought at the Fiber Festival last year.

So yesterday I decided that there wouldn't be any harm in just spinning up a sample. That wouldn't obligate me to spin it all and pick/write a pattern and then knit it before the beginning of May. I could quit any time.

Last night I went to a lovely informal spin and knit at the fiber shop in the area and spun a sample using the oh-so-worth-every-penny very fast flyer on my Lendrum. The yarn is perfection. I am already past the point of no return.

For my first sample I spun one ply of Rusty's satin angora, one ply of the white cashmere, which is as much a joy to spin as to touch, and one ply of soy silk--a very generous gift from a non-spinning yet attentive friend. The soy silk does not draft like worm's butt silk, and will take a little more practice before I get the full feel of it. There is no need for a second sample. The laceweight yarn has all the good qualities of each fiber and they cooperate beautifully. I don't have dress fabric, a definite date, or a caterer, but I have a wonderful groom, a pastor, a priest, and a few yards of luxury. All the important stuff is covered. And of course I've found a way for the world's bravest bunny to participate without having to leave the comfort of the hooked rug.


jacqui pomeranski said...

aw, come on, you could knit that dress before may... just don't go to work... not like there is that much to do there, right? or knit at work...

Lisa and Robb said...

oh lordy....the mere thought of knitting a formal dress makes my hair stand on end.