Monday, March 26, 2007

Getting our Stuff Together

Stuff we're making for our wedding:
lace shawl
2 wedding bands
2 origami bouquets
2 origami boutineers
table favors
1974 Volkswagon "Thing"

Stuff we've finished:
lace shawl
engagement ring (that has to count for something, right?)

This isn't a problem yet, is it? We have almost 6 weeks left, and it's a small car. I guess for a little more perspective, I should look at...

Stuff we're not making for our wedding:
wedding dress (Thanks, Georgia!)
other people's clothes
other people's transportation

Wish that list was longer.


Mags said...

And, what are you doing to the car? Covering it in fleece? Melding it into wedding bands?

I once saw a lego-mobile. Sweet!

So nice of your vet to post the article. The power of bunnies.

knitica said...

Actually, Chris is restoring the car, then putting it back together and fixing anything that no longer runs. It's been in pieces for 10-15 years, but the engine did still work back when it was taken apart.

He has been meaning to post about it, as the progress is fascinating.