Friday, September 19, 2008

Cabled Socks and Finished Fleece

I do still knit. Check out these socks from "Socks Socks Socks" that I just finished. Love the color, love the cables. Didn't love the fact that the pattern was written to stop cabling 2 inches before the toe decreases started. It looked weird with all that blank space, and made even my size six wide feet look weirdly long and pointy, so I ripped back and continued the pattern until the toe decrease started.

Check out the duck in the background between my toes.

And for those who think that Buffalo's weather is unappealing, just look at that sky and water. Chris was kind enough to embarrass himself by participating in a public sock photo shoot in the middle of a park along the Niagara river. Oh, and this is after he was nice enough to buy me a lemon ice. These were taken last weekend on a beautiful sunny warm but not too hot day in mid-September. For the record: the upper Midwest is much, much colder than Buffalo, and Syracuse NY consistently gets more snowfall. The only reason Buffalo has the reputation it does is because the stupid football team plays in the snow belt in an open stadium. The rest of us live and work outside the snow belt.

I finished spinning the fiber study yarns a while ago, but it wasn't until getting home from my various freelance jobs that I was able to wash, measure and label the last skeins. What beauties! This is the whole study, all finished.

Right now, I'm planning to keep all of these samples in this form, so that I can use them as reference for how each breed looks and feels when spun. If I want to know how it knits up, I'll knit a sample, but I may return the sample to a skein when I'm done. I just find these so useful, especially in conjunction with the notes I took as I worked through the study, and the breed information that came with the study or was provided by Chris (spinner, not husband). Plus, they make for an incredibly appealing group of objects.


Mary Ellen said...

You are my fiber study hero. If you forgot to save a fluff of unspun fiber for any of your samples, I have about 80% of the samples still unspun.

Adele Michelsen said...

My mom is a knitting fanatic and has been knitting socks recently. She'd love this pattern for the cabled socks.

Could you please e-mail me a copy of the pattern, or where I can get a copy of it.

Thank you