Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why I Love My Work

The other day, I spent most of my work time online, first researching depression era feedsack dresses, and then at a motorcycle parts page, among other things. The best part is, I wasn't screwing around--that's what I was supposed to be doing! Both were research for "Grapes of Wrath" coming up in the fall. OK, so that explains feedsack dresses, but motorcycle parts? As you may recall, Rosasharn is pregnant throughout the book, so we'll need to make a pregnancy pad for the (hopefully not pregnant) student who plays that part. I like to use open cell air filter foam for padding, as it has a nice texture and memory, but more especially because it dries quickly after washing or sweating. The motorcycle place sells sheets of foam so that if you have a vintage bike you can't get new filters for, you can create one. I love the spirit of that all on it's own, and am giddy with the idea of further re purposing the foam for a pregger pad!


Rebecca said...

Erica, those feed sack dresses are a bit too real. My mother actually had to wear those to school. Imagine a kid today having to accept that!

knitica said...

They're not all bad. We did find one photo of a girl who's basically wearing a sack whose top was cut open, slit down a bit for the sleeves, and then has the corners tied over her shoulders, but we also found a gorgeous contest winning feed sack dress, quilted with silver thread, that I would wear to an opera opening.