Saturday, February 07, 2009

I've done it!

After about a year of procrastination, I've actually listed stuff for sale in my etsy shop. I don't know why I've put this off except for an irrational fear of buyer dissatisfaction, or people arguing with me about whether I deserve a living wage for my time. But enough griping! You can check out my shop here. I'm still adding to it, and will hopefully continue to replenish once I see how each category of item sells. I can't allow myself to do any more etsy knitting until I finish Mom's incredibly late birthday socks. I do however have a large stash of tee shirts I can make into rugs if other people like them as much as I do!

Also please check out my friend Margaret's shop and make her rich, and friend Emily's shop which includes some amazing resin pendants.

As for Mom's socks, they are much further along, and I hope to either interest Knitty in them or sell the pattern in my etsy shop.

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