Monday, March 01, 2010


This is the most romantic poem ever written by author Tim Pratt. I wish I had written it, especially the verse about time dilation. I think I would replace the verse about Zombies with one about Chris's promise to me that if I'm ever turned into a vampire he will stake me, thus saving my soul. Just ask him, it's up there with whether or not I would want a feeding tube.

Speaking of Chris, he lost an interesting wager last night over the gold medal hockey game. He is now obligated to take a Canadian friend to dinner here in the US, but must do so wearing a team Canada jersey.


GunShy said...

Okay, that poem was friggin' awesome!! But I think Chris' vampire version demonstrates even more love! I'd stake Sean 'soon as look at him! :) ...Because I love him!
Great link!!

Mary Ellen said...

Chris should also wear a touque.