Friday, January 25, 2013


My big Tupperware order arrived.  Yes, one has hit middle age when one blogs about new Tupperware and how it has improved one's cupboards, but so be it.

The cupboard before Tupperware:

 Cupboard before Tupperware 

The same cupboard after modular Tupperware. Check out that big open space in the middle!

Cupboard after Tupperware, phase 1

And the final version where the created space can now be used for several items that were hanging around our kitchen in boxes because there was no place to fit them:

 Cupboard after Tupperware, phase 2 

As an added bonus, this has improved our diet (at least for the moment) now that I've realized how much beans and rice we own! 

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Julie said...

Maybe it's middle age, but it's still brilliant. I did that to all of my pantry staples about a year ago and it still makes me happy.